WatchGuard Firebox T85 PoE basic suport WGT85031

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WatchGuard Firebox T85 PoE Specifications
UTM (full scan)2 943 Mbps
Firewall (IMIX) 2.40 Gbps
VPN (IMIX) 680 Mbps
HTTPS Content Inspection (IPS enabled)3 576 Mbps
Antivirus 1.53 Gbps
IPS (full scan) 1.28 Gbps
Firewall (UDP 1518) 4.96 Gbps
VPN (UDP 1518) 2.04 Gbps
Interfaces 10/100/1000 8
I/O interfaces 1 Serial/2 USB
Concurrent connections 3,800,000
Concurrent connections (Proxy) 3,800,000
New connections per second 35,500
VLANs 75
WSM licenses (incl) 0
TDR Host Sensors included 50
Branch Office VPN 60
Mobile VPN 60
Firewall Stateful packet inspection, TLS decryption, proxy firewall
Application proxies HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, DNS, TCP/UDP, POP3S, SMTPS, IMAPS and Explicit Proxy
Threat protection DoS attacks, fragmented & malformed packets, blended threats
Filtering options Browser Safe Search, Google for Business
Site to Site VPN IKEv2, IPSec, Policy and Route Based Tunnels, TLS hub and spoke
Remote Access VPN IKEv2, IPSec, L2TP, TLS
Logging and notifications WatchGuard Cloud & Dimension, Syslog, SNMP v2/v3
Reporting WatchGuard Cloud includes over 100 pre-defined reports, executive summary and visibility tools
Security Pending: CC, FIPS 140-2
Safety NRTL/CB
Network IPv6 Ready Gold (routing)
Hazardous substance control WEEE, RoHS, REACH
SD-WAN Multi-WAN failover, dynamic path selection, jitter/loss/latency measurement
Dynamic Routing RIP, OSPF, BGP
High Availability Active/passive, active/active
QoS 802.1Q, DSCP, IP Precedence
Traffic Management By policy or application
IP address assignment Static, DHCP (server, client, relay), PPPoE, DynDNS
NAT Static, dynamic, 1:1, IPSec traversal, policy-based
Link aggregation 802.3ad dynamic, static, active/backup
Product Dimensions 8.09” x 11.41” x 1.7” (205.5mm x 290mm x 43 mm)
Shipping Dimensions 14.99” x 12.17” x 4.08” (380.5mm x 309.2mm x 103.7 mm)
Product Weight 5.82 lbs (2.6 kg)
Shipping Weight 6.83 lbs (3.1 kg)
Power Consumption No PoE: 27 Watts 2x PoE: 96 Watts
Power 90-264 VAC Autosensing
MTBF 1,155,348 hours
Temperature 32° F to 104° F (0° C to 40° C) -40° F to 158° F (-40° C to 70° C)
Relative Humidity 10% to 85% non-condensing 10% to 85% non-condensing
Altitude 0 to 9,843 ft at 95° F (3,000 m at 35° C) 0 to 15,000 ft at 95° F (4,570 m at 35° C)
  1. Throughput rates are determined using multiple flows through multiple ports and will vary depending on environment and configuration. Max firewall throughput tested via direct connection using 1518 byte UDP frame based on RFC 2544 methodology. All testing performed on Fireware version 12.6.
  2. UTM throughput is measured using HTTP traffic with AV, IPS, and Application Control enabled, and does not account for all security services available on the appliance.
  3. HTTPS throughput is measured per NetSecOPEN methodology - 256k response with TLS1.2 AES256 + SHA-256.

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